Designing For Emotion

Designing For Emotion – By Aarron Walter

I recently read a book by one of the professors that taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta where I attended and graduated. Unfortunately I had never had the luxury of being in one of his classes but had heard outstanding things about him concerning web design.

In Designing For Emotion Aarron encourages us to design for people and to go even as far as to design our website as if it were a person. Giving your website an appropriate and realistic persona can increase the enjoyment of people in their web experience. It’s emphasized through the book that people should not feel that they are using or interacting with a computer but rather a person. He sites several examples such as Mail Chimp, Wufoo, and many others that have implemented designs and techniques that promote positive emotional responses. These sites are not unique in their products but rather their experience and have created a solid and growing user base because of them getting “real” with their web product.

There is a lot more to learn from this book then what I’ve stated. What I’ve said is just what impacted me the most. There are many other points well supported that cover things such as aesthetics, creating surprise and anticipation, Interaction patterns much more.

I’m not going to give a star rating on this book. But, I would definitely say it is a must read for anyone who is interested in creating experiences that are going to make an impact and wants to create a more thoughtful and enjoyable designs or web product or anything for that matter..

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